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Spanking Art Commissions

If you are interested in commissioning a graphic story or illustration I have two prices available.

The first is £20 for a pencil sketch like the sample below:

The second price is £40 for finished pencil drawings or full-colour ink line pictures:

Please get in touch at if you would like to commission some artwork

– let your fantasies come alive!

Chauvinistic Bound and Unbound

The women of Rumpo have taken over Chauvinistic! What can the Colonel do without giving a good spanking to one of them every half hour? And how dare they put their boots upon a certain part of his anatomy! See if the Colonel can set things right in ‘Chauvinistic Bound and Unbound’ from Graphic Spanking – 111 pages for £10. Please enquire at

Emag 16

Emag 14

New graphic stories of submission, domination and lust are now available from GraphicSpanking.

50 pages of artwork for £10, payable by Paypal to

Emag 13

The new Emag is now available – 60 pages of spanking graphic stories and illustrations for £12 / 14 Euros / $16.

Please contact me at for more information. Here are some samples:

Free Graphic Story Part 5

Jogger 25

Jogger 26

Jogger 27

Jogger 28

Jogger 29

Jogger 30

Free Graphic Story Part 4

Jogger 19

Jogger 20

Jogger 21

Jogger 22

Jogger 23

Jogger 24

Free Graphic Story Part 3

Jogger 13

Jogger 14

Jogger 15

Jogger 16

Jogger 17

Jogger 18

Free Graphic Story Part 2

Jogger 7

Jogger 8

Jogger 9

Jogger 10

Jogger 11

Jogger 12

Free Graphic Story

Jogger 1Jogger 2Jogger 3Jogger 4Jogger 5Jogger 6