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Emag No. 12


The new Graphicspanking emag no. 12 is now available – 60 pages of spanking graphic stories and illustrations for £12 / $18 / 15 Euros, payable by Paypal to – here are some sample pages:


The Writ 6

In Front of the Class

RedBOT 7.jpg

Emag 11: Spanking in the Jungle!

The new emagazine from Graphicspanking is now available – 60 pages of graphic spanking stories and illustrations for £12 / $18 / 15 Euro.  Contact me at for further details.

Here are some samples of the artwork on offer:

Jungle Story 5

Tiptoes 2

Twins in Trouble 45


Commission a Caning

Sixth Form Class

Emag 10

The Graphic Spanking Emag no. 10 is now available, 60 pages of graphic spanking stories and illustrations for £12/ $18 / 15 Euros, sent directly to you by email.  Please contact me at if you are interested in purchasing.  The following are a few sample pages:

A continuation of ‘Reform School’ which featured in Emag 1:

page 22


This young lady is going to find out what discipline means in a new story about a man who creates a spanking robot for keeping his wife and stepdaughters in line:

RedBOT 5

And a new story from Chauvinistic, ‘Twins in Trouble’:

Twins in Trouble 12

Bottoms of the Week

Four beautiful bare bottoms, all in a row, awaiting the cane……. from Emag 2.

Discipline School 5

Bottom of the Week

This lovely bottom, severely striped, but soothed with calming oil, appears in the story ‘Reform School’ from Emag 1.  Please contact me at if you would like to purchase any of my artwork.

Reform School 15

Bottoms of the Week

The Bridge 1

Three lovely bottoms, all in a row!  The naughty young ladies of Rumpo are in trouble again – they have collapsed the bridge over the river on Farmer Ambrose’s land, and they are going to pay for it!

The first page of a new Chauvinistic Tales story from graphicspanking.  If you would like to subscribe to the latest Chauvinistic adventure or purchase any of the previous volumes please get in touch at

Emag No. 9

The new Emag no. 9 is now available from Graphic Spanking.  £12 / $18 / 15 Euros for 60 pages of spanking artwork sent to you by email.  Please contact me for payment details at

Here are a few sample pages of what is on offer:

More bare bottoms spanked in the quaint old English village of Chauvinistic …….

Trapped! 10

Two librarians get a good bare-bottom spanking for disturbing a couple of old men intent on their reading ……

Silence! 4

And some more pages from The Reformatory ……

Reform School 1

Bottom of the Week

A lovely pert bottom, bared and feeling the hard wooden paddle.  Duties must be obeyed to the letter at the Convent!  A detail from The Pencil Collection, Volume 2.  If you are interested in buying my artwork please contact me at


pencil 107

Bottom of the Week

This week some precision caning from Emag 6.  They do like to get it right at The Convent!  And the filthy mouths of those girls!

Convent 45