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These schoolgirls are getting a 1940’s education with regular corporal punishment meted out by their sadistic mistress, making up the first five pages of this emagazine.

40's school 4

Another six pages tell the story of a young couple of teenagers getting into trouble with the girl’s very sexy mother, and both of them get the hairbrush!

Bad Girl Bad Boy 1

Another 22 pages of pencil drawings:

pencil 174

The last 12 pages of Spank Trek finds our heroines being chase by a couple of horny cowboys in the Wild West.  I wonder what happens next?!. . .

Star Trek 30

The GraphicSpanking Emag no.3 is available for £12 / $20 / 15 Euros, sent directly to you by email attachment.  If you are interested get in touch with me at


This is the first page of Discipline School.  The internee, restrained across ‘the horse’, struggles desperately as the cane falls, again and again . . .

Discipline School 7

There are 8 pages of Discipline School.  Also in this emag there are 32 pencil pictures like the one below.  This young miss has misbehaved, albeit in a trivial way, but the master is strict and angry.  His cold, hard palm warms to her stinging buttocks as he slaps and slaps, again and again . . .

pencil 127

The next 12 pages of Spank Trek are also included in this emag:

Spank Trek 13

And to make up the 60 pages, some extras, like the 2-page ordeal of poor Juanita:

Juanita whipped 1

Emag no. 2 is available for £12 / $20 / 15 Euro, and is sent directly to you by email attachment.

Please contact me at if you are interested.


Here is the first page of ‘Medieval’.  A beautiful young woman is brought out to be stripped naked and punished in front of the jeering crowd:

medieval 1

This is a short 3-page story.

Next is the first part of Reform School: 21 pages telling the story of a young woman’s fantasy to be institutionalised within a cruel regime of lesbian guards and mistresses:

Reform School 9

Then there are 20 pencil pictures:

pencil 104

And to finish, there are the first 12 pages of my graphic story ‘Spank Trek':

Star Trek 7

And with a few extra pages added that makes 60 pages of graphic spanking for £12 / $20 / 15 Euros, sent directly to you as email attachments.

If you are interested please email me at .



The new GraphicSpanking emagazine for 2014 is now available for purchase.  It includes 60 pages of spanking graphic stories and illustrations, still at the same price of £12/Euro 15/$20.  Please contact me at for further details.

A few samples:

HofC 1

The Convent 15

Thwopper 15


Pencil Collection


Beautiful girls caned, paddled and birched in 90 pages of exclusive artwork, now available for £12/$20/Euro15.  Sent directly to you by e-mail.  Please contact me at


pencil 6


pencil 7


pencil 72



EMAG 2013

40's school

The GraphicSpanking emag for 2013 is now available, for the same price of £!2 / Euro15 / $20.  There are 60 pages of young ladies being punished in illustrations and graphic stories, all sent to you directly by e-mail.  To subscribe, please contact me at .


Here are the first 6 pages of Spank Trek, my new graphic spanking story:










This is my new graphic spanking novel, featuring Lieutenant Rosaleen Young of the ‘USS Enterprise’ on a voyage of personal discovery.  Follow her as she meets several famous new companions on her journey, firstly in  the quaint old English village of Chauvinistic, and then on the arid plains of the old Wild West.
Please keep an eye out for some sample pages to follow.

Hell Hath No Fury….

A young man in first year at university has been playing the field. But his three ‘girlfriends’ have found out his little game, and he’s going to pay for it….!



E-MAG 2012

60 pages of my own original spanking artwork in illustrations and graphic stories sent directly to you by e-mail for


That is the graphicspanking e-mag, now starting for 2012.




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