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Emag No. 9

The new Emag no. 9 is now available from Graphic Spanking.  £12 / $18 / 15 Euros for 60 pages of spanking artwork sent to you by email.  Please contact me for payment details at

Here are a few sample pages of what is on offer:

More bare bottoms spanked in the quaint old English village of Chauvinistic …….

Trapped! 10

Two librarians get a good bare-bottom spanking for disturbing a couple of old men intent on their reading ……

Silence! 4

And some more pages from The Reformatory ……

Reform School 1

Bottom of the Week

A lovely pert bottom, bared and feeling the hard wooden paddle.  Duties must be obeyed to the letter at the Convent!  A detail from The Pencil Collection, Volume 2.  If you are interested in buying my artwork please contact me at


pencil 107

Bottom of the Week

This week some precision caning from Emag 6.  They do like to get it right at The Convent!  And the filthy mouths of those girls!

Convent 45

Bottom of the Week

A beautifully delicate shade of pink on this lightly blushing bottom from Chauvinistic Tales Volume 2:

Big Toms 6

Bottom of the Week

From ‘Chauvinistic Unbound’ which makes up part of Chauvinistic Tales Volume VII:

Chauvinistic Unbound 51

Bottom of the Week

Schoolgirl, Linda Olsen, gets her first painful stroke for chatting with strange men on the internet.

Swish! 2

Bottom of the Week

A nice bare-bottomed schoolgirl from Emag 4.Swissssssh!!!

Bottom of the Week

This librarian has been talking too much on duty.  A customer knows what to do . . . . !

A page detail from the next emag to be released before Christmas.

Librarian Spanked

Bottom of the Week

pencil 99

This week’s picture is from Emag 1 and Pencil Collection Volume II.  If you are interested in buying my artwork please contact me at


Bottom of the Week

Cyclist SpankedThis week’s picture from the ‘Spanked Cyclist’ story in Emag 5.