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Face Down, Pants Down . . .


A page from The Pencil Collection – 90 pages of pencil pictures for £12 / $18 / 15 Euro.  Please contact for more details.

Stool Straddling

excerpt-emag-6An excerpt from emag no. 6.

Emag 7

The Headmaster is incandescent with rage.  How she wishes she hadn’t confessed to her misdemeanors now.  Will she be able to take twelve strokes of the cane without breaking down? …..  Find out in the new GraphicSpanking emag no. 7 with 60 pages of spanking graphic stories and illustrations for £12 / $18 / 15 Euro.  Please contact me at for details.


And here’s a nice little threesome to warm things up with winter coming in …….



And some nice bright reds to bring seasonal cheer! …….



Emag 1

This young lady is being caned ruthlessly by the cruel mistress of The Reform School.  Find this with other graphic stories and illustrations in the Graphic Spanking emag number 1, available for £12 / $18 / 15 Euros.

Please contact me at for further details.


Reform School 10


pencil 107


Star Trek 8


More thrashings at the Convent, a new story starting about a very naughty schoolgirl who has fantasies about older men spanking her, and lots of other spanking graphic stories and illustrations.  Sixty pages of original artwork for £12 / $18 / 15 Euros, sent directly by email.  Please contact me at for further information.


Convent 41


Rosanne 1


Marquis' Cabin


More spanking fun and games to be had in Chauvinistic Tales, Vol. VI as the girls slip into school uniforms, only to find certain parts of their anatomy on full display …!

Chauvinistic Tales Vol. VI is now available from Graphic Spanking.  100 pages of original spanking arwork sent to you by email for £18 / $25 / 24 Euros.  Please contact me at for further details.

Chauvinistic Origins 22.jpg

Chauvinistic Origins 23

Chauvinistic Origins 24


Alaina Capri is a new addition to the Chauvinistic cast of spankees.  Dark, sultry and beautifully curved, it doesn’t take long for the Colonel to find out her little game and to get her in place over his knee ……

Chauvinistic Tales, Volume V is now available from GraphicSpanking.  100 pages of original spanking artwork sent directly to you by email for £18 / $25 / 24 Euros.  Please contact me at for payment details.

Spycatcher 1

Spycatcher 2Spycatcher 3


Oh, those bottoms are burning!  Yet again our girls have been spanked hard by the gentlemen of Chauvinistic, and only a nice cold ice-pack can give relief…..

Chauvinistic Tales, Volume IV is now available from GraphicSpanking.  100 pages of original artwork, sent directly by email for £18 / $25 / 24 Euros.  Please contact me at

Iced Relief 1Iced Relief 2Iced Relief 3Iced Relief 4


Alison has been humiliated by the Magistrate, with her own hairbrush!  She won’t be able to sit down for a week.  That’s the kind of justice served in Chauvinistic!

This story and several others make up the third volume of Chauvinistic Tales,  100 pages available for £18 / $25 / 24 Euros, sent directly by email.

Please contact me at

The Magistrate III 1

The Magistrate III 2

The Magistrate III 3


The girls, in stockings and panties, get caught by a couple of old buffers in the allotments.  Just another day in the spanking paradise of Chauvinistic!

Chauvinistic Tales, Vol. II has 100 pages of spanking fun from the delightful village deep in the English countryside.  It is available for £18 / $25 / 24 Euros, payable by Paypal or credit card.  Please contact  me at:

Rumpo Muck 1

Rumpo Muck 2

Rumpo Muck 3